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Garden Membership Requirements

- Arrive on time. Harvest is reserved for members who are less than 20 minutes late.

- Commitment: Regular members should participate in at least 3 sessions per month.

- Garlic harvest will be shared with members who have participated in at least 10 sessions.

- Respect all members.

- Share work, knowledge, and harvest.

Collective Gardens Mission

- To provide a source of fresh produce for the community, particularly those living on low incomes.

- Increase community connections around good, healthy food.

- Share gardening knowledge and skills.

- Promote environmental stewardship and sustainability.

Member Information

6/6/2020 ]
6/6/2020 ]

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REGULAR MEMBERS are expected to participate in at least 3 sessions per month for the full length of the season.

SUPPORTING MEMBERS have no minimum participation and come when they can. However they may not always receive regular harvest.



Garden Preference

1. Consult the garden schedule given below. Please note, there have been some changes from the past year.

2. Please choose your first choice for the garden. Indicate a second choice in case your first option is full.

3. If you wish to participate in 2 different garden sessions, please complete a second registration form.

This year we are trying a new online payment system. After completing your registration a link will appear for the online payment.

You can also send your membership contribution in person or by mail to 6505 Somerled Ave, by April 16th.

- Suggested Regular membership = $50.

- Food Basket and Youth membership = $5.

- Reduced membership = $20.

- Sponsor a membership = $80 and more.

Please indicate the amount you are able to contribute:

Additional Participants

Children and family members are welcome in the garden. Parents are responsable for children's supervision.

Free childcare is offered in selected Cantaloup garden sessions, thanks to the generous support of the NDG YMCA.

Please note, there is only 1 share of harvest per membership. Please complete another form to register for additional memberships.

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